About Us


We are established since year 1995, and have merged with Approved Chemicals who has being around for 42 years.


We are producing around 300 – 400 products and around 50 specially formulated products for our customers who have being previously importing the chemicals. We produced for them based on their needs and requirements which has help them save substantial amount of money, convenient, reducing in cost, time and storage.


We have many satisfied customers throughout Malaysia and Singapore with more than 90% of all satisfied customers repeating their orders frequently. The rest maybe cyclical orders.


Those satisfied customers are our walking advertisement which will spread the words around confidently declaring that we are highly competent.

Our raw material used are of highest quality, maintain with consistency, practicability, competitive, safe, easy to use promoting green and environmentally friendly.

We hope to be one stop shop which provides almost a complete range of industrial products for maintenance, production, QC and specialized in custom blending to suit your requirements.

Our Business

Our Team

Our team of experience sales staff with years of working experience with us and has knowledge to help solving your production and maintenance issue. We had around 16 to 18 vast experience sales staff with the latest recruit celebrating 11 years with us. We are a team of hardworking, honest, knowledgeable, health and safety conscious team of sales force and will help to save cost at all time, most of all with integrity discipline.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority because all our range of products are deem safe and not hazardous to health. Our sales team is available on call 24 hours a day. Should there be an urgent assistance, we will definitely make ourselves available at any time of the day, any place!

Besides Singapore as the regional office for SEA operations, we are in Malaysia operate 5 branches with KUALA LUMPUR as the HQ for Malaysia, Penang , Johor, Malacca, Ipoh as branches!

Call us for any technical needs, requirements or talk to us. We have the confidence to solve your needs and products.


Every manufacturer wants to be cost effective, no downtime, increase production.

We are here for you

Direct Source – Right Solution – Right Technical Advise
– Delivery within 24 hours and CHEAPER